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SHR Championship
Scottish Hill Runners have organised a championship since 1983. The competition provides a test of all-round hill running ability, normally requiring runners to complete at least one race in each category (except for Over 60s and Over 70s): short, medium and long.

This year the championship is based on your best 3 results from 5 races as there are currently only 5 races in the 2021 Scottish Hill Running Championship (due to COVID19). This must include one Medium and one Long for all categories under 60. The races are as follows:

SHR Championship 2021
Race Distance Date
Dollar Medium 17th July
Glenshee 9 Long 7th August
Eildon 3 Hills Short 18th September
2 Breweries Long 25th September
Yetholm Shepherds Show Short Cancelled
Cioch Mhor Medium 9th October

  List of all the races used in the SHR Championship by year - here.
Races: (Provisional rules as above for 2021 until pandemic restrictions lifted) One race must be completed from EACH category (Long, Medium, Short), PLUS one other to complete the championship i.e. 4 races in total. NB: For the 60+ and the 70+ categories, runners are allowed to complete ANY 4 out of the 6 races.
GPS devices: The use of any GPS device as a navigational aid in SHR Championship races is strictly prohibited. Competitors must carry and be able to use a physical map and compass.
Eligibility: Competitors should be over 18 on day of the race. Scottish eligibility is required for the awards i.e. Scottish by birth, residence, or membership of a first claim Scottish club. Mementos are also given to all SHR members completing the championship.
Individual competitors: There is no requirement for membership of any organisation. Non-affiliated individuals are welcome to compete.
Senior men/women (i.e. all ages over 18); Over 40 men/women; Over 50 men/women; Over 60 men/women and Over 70 men/women (if we get entrants).
Age category is determined by age on the day of the race.

Prizes to first men and womens teams (in both senior and veteran categories). 4 to count for Senior Men and 3 to count for Women and both Men and Women's Over 40 teams. NB: An athlete can only count for one Club's team in a given championship race and it will be the team that they have entered that race under.

Scoring: Points are awarded to the first 40 in each category. First in each category at any race receives 1 extra point, i.e. 41 points for first, 39 points for second, etc. No requirement to gain a point to receive a memento, finishing the race is what matters.
Tie Breaker: In the event of a tie in any of the championship categories, the winner will be the one who has beaten the other the most in championship races. If contenders are still equal after this has been applied, then they will tie.
The Scottish Hill Running Trophies will be awarded on the basis of the Scottish Hill Runners Championship. The first three in each category (whether SHR members or not) will be awarded medals, with the winner receiving the requisite Scottish Hill Running Trophy, to be kept for one calendar year.

All SHR members who complete the championship will be awarded a worthwhile memento (usually a mug with photograhs of championship races), i.e. you must be a member of the SHR for the year you are competing in the championship if you want to receive the memento.

   Final results for 2021:  Men ;  Women
  No championship was held in 2020 due to COVID19.
  All Time Scottish Champions - Men ,  Women ,  Clubs
Detailed results from previous years:
  2019:  Men ;  Women
  2018:  Men ;  Women |  2017:  Men ;  Women |  2016:  Men ;  Women
  2015:  Men ;  Women |  2014:  Men ;  Women |  2013:  Men ;  Women 
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  2006 |  2005 |  2004 |  2003 |  2002 |  2001
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Further Information
Further information on the races can be found in the Scottish Hill Runners calendar. If you have any queries please contact Championships Coordinator.

SHR thanks the individual race organisers for providing their races as Championship counters.
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