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Long Distance Records
Cuillin 24-hour round
The obvious (and much talked about) extension of the Greater Traverse to include the western Red Cuillin (the 'Much Greater' Cuillin Traverse) is a particularly alluring challenge. It is uncertain exactly when this extension (including Marsco, the Deargs and Glamaig as the extra peaks) was first completed. In mountains like these - which have been attracting mountaineers since the sport began - surely someone would have taken up the challenge before the 1980s? All excursions below describe rounds, i.e. timings start/finish at a base in the glen.

Possibly first was Clive Rowland who went round solo (unsupported) in 31 hours on July 21/22 1981 in what he describes as an "unrecorded fun day" [Ref: TGO 3/00]. The first sub-24 hour expedition was soon to follow: In the ‘early 1980s’ Eifon Jones and Rob David started from Sligachan and went round clockwise to Bla-bheinn, round the Bad Step, and along the Main Ridge (including T-D Gap and Sgurr Alasdair; excluding Sgurr Sgumain and Sgurrs Beag/Uamha) back to Sligachan to finish just inside the one-day mark. They were unsupported and carried a rope for the abseils [Thanks to Paddy Buckley and Rob Woodall for this information]. Ten years later Calum Smith completed a solo and unsupported round on 30th - 31st July 1991 in a 34 hour trip from Sligachan which included a bivi on Sgurr na Banachdich [Ref: RW, FR 10/99]. The fastest round I can find recorded which includes most of the major peaks of the Black and Red Cuillin is by Mark Shaw on 21st July 2002. He started at Camasunary and went round clockwise in 16 hrs 46mins. [www.lochaberac.co.uk].

The first to complete a Super-Extended Greater Traverse (and in under 24 hours!) was Rob Woodall. The route taken included Glamaig, the Deargs, Marsco (2 tops), Belig, Garbh Bheinn, Sgurr nan Each (2 tops), Clach Glas (2 tops), Bla-bheinn (2 tops), Sgurr Hain, Sgurr na Stri, and all the Munros and Tops of the main Cuillin Ridge, plus many others including Sgurr Beag and Sgurr na h-Uamha: 59 tops in all (33 miles/23,150 feet of ascent). All tops 50 feet re-ascent. The round was completed on 31st May 1999 in a time of 23 hours 28 minutes (1 am start, paced/supported). The round is probably best tackled clockwise from the Coruisk Hut, but logistical problems meant that this trip started in Glen Sligachan. [Refs: Scotsman 19/6/99, FR 6/99, FR 10/99] The following year Yiannis Tridimas (who had been one of the efficient entourage who supported Rob in 1999) repeated the feat, and added an extra peak (Sgurr a'Bhasteir) in an impressive time of 21 hours 22 mins. The successful run (again paced/supported) took place on 14th/15th June 2000 with a midday start from the Coruisk Hut. Presumably Yiannis was also imbibing liberal quantities of Mummery's Blood (see Cuillin Greater Traverse page)...

Mark Shaw - 21 July 2002
Location Time Split
Camasunary Bothy - -
Gars Bheinn 2:20 2:20
Sgurr nan Eag 2:46 0:26
Sgurr Dubh Mor 3:23 0:37
Sgurr Alasdair 4:01 0:38
Sgurr Mhic Choinnich 4:27 0:26
Inn Pinn 5:03 0:36
Sgurr na Banachdich 5:40 0:37
Sgurr a’ Ghreadaidh 6:09 0:29
Sgurr a’Mhadaidh 6:27 0:18
Bidean Druim nan Ramh 7:05 0:38
Bruach na Frithe 8:09 1:04
Am Basteir 8:33 0:24
Sgurr nan Gillean 9:03 0:30
Glamaig 11:28 2:25
Beinn Dearg Mor 12:06 0:38
Beinn Dearg Mheadonach 12:29 0:33
Marsco 13:31 1:02
Garbh Bheinn 14:37 1:06
Clach Glas 15:16 0:39
Bla Bheinn 16:09 0:53
Camasunary Bothy 16:46 0:46

Yiannis Tridimas - 15 Jun 2000
Location Time Split
Coruisk - -
Sgurr Dearg 3:57 3:57
Sgurr a'Mhadaidh 5:14 1:17
Sgurr nan Gillean 8:01 2:47
Glen Sligachan 10:08 2:07
Marso 13:47 3:39
Bla-bheinn 18:24 4:37
Coruisk 21:22 2:58
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